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Art Killers Gallery

Welcome to Art Killers Gallery!

At Art Killers Gallery, we don't work with artists; we are a creative crew!

Known as the KILLERS CREW, our team is made up of creative minds who combine their talents to create unique and impactful works of art.


Rafael Ridell - President and Creative Director

Rafael Ridell is the mastermind behind Art Killers Gallery. With a unique vision and an unmatched passion for art, Rafael leads our team towards creating works that challenge conventional boundaries.

Génesis Galán – Social Media Manager and Saleswoman

Génesis Galán combines her passion for marketing, sales, and art to promote our works and connect them with art lovers.

Bladimir Ortega - Graphic Designer and Digital Artist

Bladimir Ortega is our creative genius in graphic design and digital art. With creativity that travels at the speed of a Ferrari, Bladimir transforms ideas into digital masterpieces that captivate and surprise.

Yoandri Diaz - Urban Artist and Illustrator

Yoandri Diaz is our urban artist and illustrator. With paint, pencil, marker, or spray, Yoandri manages to transform any blank canvas into an expression of urban art and unique style.

Art Killers Gallery was founded in 2017 with the vision of creating artwork that inspires, excites, and awakens the imagination.

At Art Killers Gallery, we don't just sell art, we create it! Join us in our mission to challenge the boundaries of conventional art and create works that inspire, excite, and awaken the imagination.